Air Canada Probes Passenger’s Allegations of Sexual Assault Cover-up

Air Canada Investigates Passenger’s Claims of Sexual Assault Cover-up

Air Canada is currently conducting an investigation into allegations made by a passenger who claims he was banned from their flights after reporting a sexual assault by a flight attendant. The incident, which occurred nearly two years ago, was recently brought to the airline’s attention by the passenger, named Kyle. Despite his initial report in December 2021, Air Canada had failed to look into the matter until now. Kyle alleges that the airline blacklisted him under the pretext of refusing to wear a mask, which he vehemently denies. In a viral TikTok video, Kyle publicly criticized the airline for their handling of the situation.

The Alleged Assault and Suppressed Investigation

According to Kyle’s account, during a flight in December 2021 from Montreal to Vancouver, he witnessed a male Air Canada flight attendant touching a sleeping woman inappropriately. Kyle immediately confronted the attendant, only to be reprimanded by another staff member for causing a disturbance. He reported the incident to the plane’s captain and a security guard, assuming it would be investigated. However, both the airline and the alleged victim failed to take any action. Subsequently, upon his recent arrival at Vancouver International Airport, Kyle discovered he was banned from flying with Air Canada. This revelation prompted him to share his story on TikTok, further exposing the alleged cover-up by the airline.

Conflicting Reasons for the Ban

After Kyle’s TikTok video gained significant attention, Air Canada contacted him, claiming that his ban was unrelated to the disturbance he caused during the flight. Instead, they cited his alleged refusal to wear a mask as the reason. However, Kyle strongly denies this accusation, and photographic evidence from the flight contradicts the airline’s claim. Despite assurances from Air Canada that they would provide a detailed explanation of the ban, Kyle has yet to receive any such communication. Furthermore, the airline’s subsequent investigation into the matter has not been disclosed.

Ongoing Investigation and Customer Safety

Air Canada has confirmed that they are now investigating the allegations made by Kyle regarding the sexual assault and subsequent ban. The airline emphasizes its commitment to customer safety and acknowledges the seriousness of the claims. However, they state that they are unaware of any other records or claims related to these allegations. The investigation is ongoing, and the status of Kyle’s alleged ban remains undisclosed.

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